Servicemen Sing Local Musician's Praises

Joyce Shaffer Honored With Special American Flag

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FRUITA, Colo. -- Joyce Shaffer hadn't touched her guitar in 20 years, when one day she got an idea--in the shower of all places.

"The Lord laid the word and the tune in my head," Shaffer says, "and I got out put on a robe, put my hair in a towel, picked up my guitar and sang it."

She wrote a song honoring our troops, then another, then another--all in the name of our country.

"I just love our soldiers because they do the job that people like me cannot do," she says.

Shaffer's not in the military herself, but she's received a very special honor from one of its top members. At a ceremony in Fruita Saturday, army pilot Harvey Cox presented her with an American flag retired from flying above our troops in Afghanistan.

  "We pick people that we feel deserve it," Cox says.   Cox presents these special gifts to a select few around the country who embody the meaning of patriotism. Servicemen agree Shaffer fits that description perfectly.

"She is opening up her heart with her songs to many many people around the country," says retired Brigadier General Harry Hagaman.  This week Shaffer's song "Tuscon" sits at number one on the true country chart for internet airplay. She's honored, but says it was never about gaining fame.

"I don't have the pressure that most people trying to make a point have got," she says. "I just get up and do my thing."
"She brings it out of her heart, and I'm sure she touches thousands of people," Hagaman says. "What a voice."

If you'd like to check out Shaffer's music or write to her, visit her website.

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Click here to Get Joyce's Cd


 Los Angeles, CA -- Singer Joyce Shaffer takes her spot in country music with her new CD, "Product of the U.S.A."

Singer songwriter Joyce Shaffer has a new CD out titled, “PRODUCT OF THE U.S.A.” and has dedicated it to the American people from all walks of life.

 “We need more songs that people can get behind and have a sense of pride at being Americans again,” Shaffer said. “ For too long we have slowly been going down the wrong path and it is my hope these songs will help this country that I love so much.”

Joyce Shaffer has had great success with her songs, “Takin’ Back Our Country,” “Hey, Calderon!,” “American Soldier” and several more. Her singing and song writing is reminiscent of Loretta Lynn and Kitty Wells and has people talking. Her title song, "Product of the U.S.A." shows her country roots and ability to tell a story through song with the best of them.

  Joyce is available for interviews and appearances by going to the above contact address and phone number or you may reach her public relations office at:

Shaffer has been criss-crossing America singing her songs and is a regular on the country charts. She has found her home in country music and her fans welcome her.

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Joyce Shaffer grew up in the America of the 1950's when patriotism and common sense were abundant and the American flag was proudly honoured at all functions.

Joyce knew as a child the special place America held in the world and it shows in her music today. Her deep faith in God and abiding love of country inspire her song writing and give her the strength to keep her message going strong. Joyce may have grown up poor, but she found riches in the beauty of the rugged Colorado landscape which has been her home. Finding a rewarding life on their ranch, Joyce and her husband, Danny, raise paint and running quarter horses. Joyce has a background in music with a band she sang with in the 1980's called Country Comfort, but she never thought she would someday be writing and performing her own songs. Not until it became clear to her that America was heading down the wrong path and that our freedoms were for the first time in her life changing for the worse, did inspiration give her the words to write and sing. Inspired by God, Joyce writes the words given to her.

Her music now has made its way across our country and is loved by those who remember the strong, self-reliant America before someone wanted to change it. Dedicated to help right the wrong visited upon America, Joyce is untiring in her effort to spread the message through her music.


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Local Musician Receives Special Flag

Mar 14th @ 6:01 am in News by Janine Mayfield

A Fruita musician received an American flag over the weekend that was flown in Afghanistan. Country music singer/songwriter Joyce Shaffer sent dozens of her CD’s to troops in Afghanistan, and to thank her, one group gave her their flag. While Shaffer has being singing most of her life, she says she’s only been doing patriotic music for the past year. Shaffer just released her first CD, Product of the USA. She was presented with the flag Saturday at the Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial in Fruita.

Source: NBC 11 News contributed to this story


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