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Can You Beat Miss Cleo

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The object of this game is to guess the sequence of the four colored pegs,  the computer has selected at random from the circled colors in the right field.
First select which colors you want to play with.  (The default setting contains blue, green, red and yellow.  That's moderately difficult. For obvious reasons you are not allowed to select fewer than two. :-) Clicking on a color in the field on the right will toggle the circle around it on/off, indicating whether it will be part of the set of colors the computer draws from.
To fill a hole on the pegboard;
1st Click on the START button to begin.
2nd click on a colored pin.
3rd click on an empty hole on the pegboard.
Next you start filling the holes at the bottom row with pegs, and each time you have completed a guess (i.e. filled all four holes) the computer will respond by giving you one peg for each correct color - black if your guess was also in the right place, otherwise white. (But you will not be informed about which colors were correct. That part you will have to figure out for yourself.)
In case you wish to start over, just press 'End' to discontinue the game.
If you haven't managed to guess the sequence by your 8th guess, the computer will reveal it to you and the game ends.


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See if you can beat the computer in a game of:

"Radial Ping Pong"

You are  BLUE.

The Computer is RED.
Start the game by positioning your mouse over the light green game board area.
Right click your mouse to serve the ball.
Move the mouse to position the paddle to hit the ball back.
The score is kept in the upper left and right corners.  To QUIT or STOP the game depress any key.  If you WIN ten games you will be taken to a secret place